Wednesday 10 June 2015

Adding To My Stash

Since me and fussy cutting are best friends you just know that when Vintage Market by Tasha Noel came out that I would have to buy some. In my fabric stash I have a special drawer just for fussy cutting. Doesn't everyone? 

Well, maybe everyone doesn't but fussy cutting is a style of quilting that I love and my yard of the above fabric will happily sit in my stash for years I'm sure, little pieces being cut away bit by bit.

I didn't have the budget for the whole fabric line so I picked and chose and got half yards of the following prints as well. 

Obviously there are more fussy cutting opportunities in these fabrics too. But those strawberries just may be too gorgeous for words. 



  1. You most definitely are the queen of fuzzy cutting.

  2. They're cute! Not a drawer, but I do have a section for bear fabrics and I am going to create a section for the various prints from Charley Harper I've acquired when the next range comes out rather than keeping purely by colour.

  3. So cute! Love the cycling girls!

  4. these are just so, I- want- to- stroke- that- fabric- able. Simply gorgeous

  5. Tres cute ! Fussy cutting is something I have yet to master well.....

  6. They are beautiful. I would dabble myself but I don't want a divorce. Just not yet 😊


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