Friday 26 June 2015

Little Stitches

Just doing a little embellishing on my mini.

The letter 'M' is my favourite. Clockwise from the house I used chain and satin stitch, back stitch, running stitch, and finally, stem stitch. I'm only going to add a little colour to the background. I don't want to detract from the rainbow river of hexies. And as I stitch I consider how I am going to quilt it. Thinking about keeping it simple. 



  1. Beautiful stitching and I agree that the letter m is my fave too!

  2. Brilliant! And will you please come to San Diego and teach me to embroider? You're so good at it!

  3. As I have some of this fabric I will be stealing sorry taking inspiration from your embroidery

  4. Seeing you pump out all these creative beauties makes me feel a little better- you're doing enough for both of us at the moment ( which is just as well since Im doing sweet FA in the sewing room) Love those wee stitches !


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