Wednesday 3 June 2015

End Of A Bee Year

Today I concentrated in making bee blocks. I still had my May blocks to make and then I did my June blocks too. And this brings a full year of Stitch Tease to an end. It has been a fantastic year, such a lovely group of ladies who - if they weren't friends before - are friends of mine now. 

First up I made eight Jacob's Ladder blocks which will finish at 6". 

These took a while to make but chain piecing, a Bloc Loc ruler and a rotating cutting mat aided things along more quickly than it would have been. I love the colours that were chosen by Val. 

June blocks were for our esteemed mama Di (Random Thoughts of Do or Di) and I loved her colours too. More vivd contrasts. 

I am now debating whether I will be able to stay in the bee for the next round. Commitments are at an all time high right now and are going to suck up all my time for the next couple of months thee are some fun projects though and I am looking forward to making them. But I will have to lose the procrastinating gene and get on with it.

I have seven stacks of things on my dining room table to get in the post tomorrow. Seven! That is so embarrassing. But they are the first thing on the list to get in with tomorrow. 

Meanwhile, this is what my drive looks like. 

My landlord is running the services through to the houses he is building behind us. It is just a hop, skip and a jump to my car right now, literally! 



  1. I love all those bee blocks but I don't love that trench! Mind, if it rains heavily enough you'll all be able to take up bog snorkling...

  2. Seven - lucky seven! Keep your back door shut, with all that digging you don't want little rodent friends looking for a new home

  3. sucky driveway but lovely blocks!

  4. Oh my! Ever tried pole vaulting?????

  5. I understand commitments and commissions but I have everything crossed in hopes that you will join us fortear 4!!!


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