Saturday 30 January 2016


I've joined another swap. This is an IG based one and a cushion swap. Limited to 100 people so not thousands of photos to browse through, comment on and like. I like swaps and love making for someone else, but I needed an easier swap and this one was it.

So I need to make a cushion for someone, somewhere in this world. Partners have been assigned. It's that fun stalking, planning and designing stage.

Here's what I have in mind.

I'm thinking a low volume background and bright 'orange peel' bits. But I also think that my vision doesn't translate well in the drawing. I will have to do some test blocks to show how I really see it looking. Or get out the colouring pencils. But it's nice to be planning something that I can show you right from conception.



  1. I think this will be lovely, always like the Orange peel patterns, they look fab when done.

  2. Oh orange peel. That's always a fun pattern.

  3. Your partner is going to be the luckiest swapper around. . . . as all your concepts are fabulous, and your stitching so lovely.
    I hope you get a good one too, as you deserve it.

  4. I love your plan! Have fun with the swap!


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