Friday 29 January 2016

I Made A Quilt...

... And I liked it.

I can't show you yet, but it was made with a big pile of these fabrics from Lecien - Ls Modern Basics.

Obviously a fabric line totally suited to me. Colour on colour and tone on tone. You should have seen my face when they first arrived. Happy!

After I was allowed to use my sewing space again come the new year I cut and I piece, and I cut and pieced some more.

I had my usual self doubt bit in the middle of the making but came to love my design in the end. (phew!) I do look forward to showing you. But breaking the rules - here's a sneak peek of the backing in the process of making it.

Seriously, all that colour! I couldn't decide if I loved the front or the back more when I was finished.



  1. Pretty fabrics! Looking forward to seeing your quilt ... :) Pat

  2. Wowser! That fabric line looks like a must-do addition to my stash! Can't wait to see what magic you do with an already beautiful pile of fabric!

  3. I like this range, I am particularly fond of the 'raindrops' fabric. x

  4. If that's the back then I can't wait to see the front!

  5. That back is beautiful, I so want a striped rainbow, maybe I should just make one too?


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