Saturday 7 March 2015

Spring Is In The Air

I did the laundry. Made dinner (black bean soup, in case you were curious). Grocery shopped. Took Em to dance. Buggered if I was staying inside after that. 

It was 14C here today. The first totally 'feels like spring' day we've had. So I had a lovely walk around the reservoir. The view isn't what it once was, mind you. Wind turbines belong along motorways and in industrial estates. Not in the middle of scenic areas. 

It's supposed to be ick weather tomorrow. I'll sew then. 



  1. Sounds a good day, overcast and cold here. Wednesday was nice, but then I spent all day waiting for the boilerman to turn up (he didn't for the second time)

  2. We're off to Disneyland today where the temperature is expected to soar into the upper 80's. Wish me luck

  3. Lovely fresh air and delicious dinner! Sounds wonderful!

  4. Enjoy your warm weather and signs of spring, where I am in New Zealand it has a decidedly autumnal feel today, lots of wind and leaves blowing about. Great day for sewing of course.

  5. 14?!! I think it was half that up here and I think I'm being generous!

  6. OK, I'm going to declare my weird. I like wind turbines. I think they are so fascinating!
    There, I said it. I know though that they don't belong everywhere. Along motorways, out to sea & industrial sounds right.
    We had lovely sunshine but a very nippy breeze, clouds tomorrow. Hello Spring!!
    Been clearing the ground floor cupboards & rearranging the kitchen. Maybe a little sewing later :)

  7. Glad you got to enjoy the lovely weather (if not the turbine)!

  8. glad you were able to get out before the ick .. black bean soup. I think that'll be my March soup. share the recipe?


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