Friday 20 March 2015

A Little Of This...

Working on my current commission project. 

And a lot of that (today's agenda) -

- laundry
- school run
- grocery shop
- hair cut
- put chicken strips into a satay marinade 
- make peanut sauce
- start making chilli hoisin belly pork
- make 'that Chinese pork thing' (recipe available under recipe tab if curiosity grabs you)
- make snicker doodles (V & Co recipe, and so, so good)
- make pork & prawn Goya filling
- make fresh spring roll filling
- school run
- more laundry
- take girls to riding lesson
- finish chilli hoisin pork
- cook dinner (comprised of leftovers, salad & oven chips - seriously, not making an effort on this one)
- more laundry
- dishes (so wish we had room for a dishwasher; one day in my dream house)

And now? Yeah, I am so not sewing. Not even hand sewing. I am sat here, and a glass of wine sits very close by. First glass in over four weeks. I am so enjoying it. Friends over for dinner tomorrow night, if you didn't guess. And very few of my days are quite as manic as today, but I wanted to say I'm sorry that I haven't had much in the way of interesting sewing posts lately. They will return. Right after I run away from home for a much anticipated holiday in a weeks time. 

Oh, and there is a cunning plan with this overload of cooking today. Little to finish off tomorrow, just make the ice cream (easy peasy and quick and not impressive, honest, but yummy). Apple pie already made and waiting in the freezer. Then hopefully I've made enough to feed us four on Sunday too. Maybe I can sew then instead. So all I have to do now is make the house presentable. 

Stop laughing! 



  1. good plan. After all, it's international quilting day on Saturday.

  2. I hope they are special friends as it all sounds so yummy.

  3. Can I come for dinner too? It sounds amazing. :)

  4. I honestly don't know how you do it. Sounds amazing.

  5. home made ice cream..... can I come for dinner? I will do the dishes, promise ....

  6. Wow! I'm tired (and hungry) just reading this list!

  7. I hope your prediction of 'enough left to feed us on Sunday' was correct and that someone else has done the dishes all weekend!

  8. What a feast. Hope you got your break.

  9. Ok now you're bragging superwoman 😊 xxx enjoy your company

  10. international quilting day and I missed it?

  11. My comment can't possibly compete by the one above mine !


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