Wednesday 4 March 2015

Back To Normal Sewing

In other words, playing catch up here. First up were my January Stitch Tease blocks for Dianne (quiltova). She set us an easy task so I had fun pulling nice bright fabrics for her. 

Then there were a couple of secret bits of sewing for a secret - but non-magazine related - project. 

And then I pulled and cut fabric for my Stitch Tease February blocks. 

I'll be paper piecing tomorrow, so if you're in my neighbourhood cover your ears, there's bound to be lots of swearing happening here too. I tried starting the sewing tonight. I had to rip out my very first seam. I turned off the machine and walked away. I think it would be best to start in the morning when I am all rested and fresh as a daisy. Maybe I'll make it past the first seam then. 



  1. There's some lovely work there! And good luck with the foundation piecing, rather you than me!!

  2. Remember to cut that pattern in half on the heavy line. I forgot to do that my first time 😁

  3. You can do it, Susan, you can do it! No pesky little piece of paper is going to defeat you!

  4. Are you using freezer paper? I thought that was the lesser of your paper piecing evils? No matter what, come back to it today all nicely fresh, rested and fed. It will be better I promise.

  5. mmm have some of that to do over the weekend myself. Keep putting it off.

  6. Mwahahahaha you and me both.


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