Saturday 9 August 2014

Starting To Plan

My head is starting to think sewing things, even if the actual time to make stuff is not available. I have bee blocks to catch up on, a shared secret project to do some blocks for, some quilts in my head that need transferring to fabric, and then this wee project.

I was lucky enough to see that my Brit Bee mate Jo was getting ready to sell some HR and nabbed three panels before it got offered to the wider public. These are Munki Munki pyjama panels, all flannel and all winter prints.

These have to become a Christmas cushion. I'm already planning how my Christmas sofa will look with my Christmas cushions (two in existence and this one to come) and my Christmas quilt - yet to be finished obviously because that would be too good to be true. In my imagination I have a new sofa too, but that's a different story. These will make a lovely, soft and cosy seasonal cushion though.

Meanwhile, I am off to the Festival of Quilts today with this lovely lady who is staying with me.

Cindy and I have been great friends for ages now so it is fabulous to have her stay with us for a couple of days, and to be able to spend a whole day doing nothing but chatting, fabric stroking and drooling over machines we can't afford. Oh, and looking at quilts made with more skill than I can ever imagine having. We will be seeing lots of other quilting friends while at the festival too. Slightly excited here.

I shall report back tomorrow to tell you all, and show you what I bought of course.



  1. How wonderful that you are hanging out together! I am hoping you are taking many photos, I shall check on Instagram.

  2. Have fun ladies...I can just imagine the skullduggery you're going to get up to with your credit cards...

  3. Oh, excited for you both and not a little envious!! Hope you had a ball!! X

  4. Hope you both had a wonderful time! So lovely to see Cindy's smiling face again! Jxo

  5. behave now you two.... lol

  6. oh I am so jealous of all your time together, I am missing everyone terribly this year, hope you had lots of fun!!

  7. Holy crap! You were blogging while I was there?!?! You're amazing.


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