Tuesday 12 August 2014

Private Swapping

I had another private swap, this time with Juliet over at The Tartan Kiwi. She is a lovely person and an amazing paper piecer. Seriously amazing paper piecer.

Now I am the proud owner of this.

My photograph is wonky, not the mini quilt.
Juliet used Oakshotts and low volume. And her own butterfly pattern. Actually, she has a whole slew of patterns available on Craftsy. If you are a paper piecer check out this tab on her blog and you can see all the ones she has designed. Obviously I am not a paper piecer, so I cunningly asked to do a swap so I could have a butterfly without losing my sanity.

I have my clever moments!

In turn I sent Juliet this fabric basket I made not so long ago.

Now that I have the butterfly I'm feeling that I rather got the good end of this deal big time. Thank you, Juliet!



  1. Such a technical butterfly! Amazing! But the stitching on your basket is awesome too! jxo

  2. Both projects are lovely.

  3. Sweet, both beautiful projects.

  4. the butterfly has such a lovely shimmer, a it looks quite fluttery. And I love the hand stitching round your basket.

  5. fab swap! That butterfly is AMAZING!

  6. Juliet does make some brilliant designs, I plan to make her bear (of course) :)

  7. What a fabulous mini!!! (And the basket is still one of my favourite things, other than Trevor and Norman, of course!)

  8. Lovely long distance swap and the butterfly is amazing.


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