Monday 30 June 2014

The Lowest Form Of Wit?

Small Makes - Day Six

I made a hoop. It's been a while since I had embroidered one and I felt the urge.

I started this last night shortly before bedtime, and I posted a sneak peek of what it would say on Instagram, but just the top two lines. The guesses/suggestions on what it might say are hilarious. Here is just a few of them.

Sarcasm - Because it is...

... the best thing to indulge in.
... completely lost on half my colleagues.
... essential.
... impossible to resist.
... my only pleasure in life.
... available at Tesco.
... appropriate for any occasion.
... healthier than chocolate.
... ignored by my cat.
... my only form of communication.
... who I am.

Two people got the deadly tone of my hoop. All in all I now have a plethora of ideas for future hoops and I thank everyone for the inspiration. Especially Nicky, as she had a whole bunch of suggestions!

I used floss to do the embroidery. Two strands for all the letters, and a single strand for the green outlining the purple 'Sarcasm'.  I used stem stitch everywhere except the running stitch around the edge which is done with perle.

I'm not sure of the technical name (if there is one) for the way I finished the back but I prefer to think of it as mob cap. And as you can see the back of my embroideries are not the neatest of places to be (a bit like my house), and therefore the reason I always put wadding behind my fabric because then I don't have to worry about those threads showing through at the front.

One more Small Makes day. I wonder what I will make?



  1. Sarcasm is just a natural part if my life. Love the fun embroidery. xx

  2. It's great! Looking forward to Small Make six/day seven!

  3. Your stitches are so regular and pretty! You could trim the wadding away at the back of your hoop only to reduce the bulk, then gather your excess fabric in at the back by lacing or as you've done here and then glue a lovely pristine white felt circle over it all to make it all neat and tidy and hiding anything you don't want to be seen. Only if you wanted...

  4. Sarcasm is my favourite thing to trot out on a daily basis. Love the hoop!

  5. I love your sarcasm hoops! Great idea with the batting and mob cap too.

  6. Sarcasm, Because it is ... cheaper than therapy. ;-) Love it!

  7. Ms Canada . . is there anything you cant do?
    Divine, as usual.

  8. I really love how you tie it in kind of a draw string. Fab idea.
    It's a wonderful hoop, S. Perfectly encapsulates you....and apparently lots of us in the quilty crew. I love Katy's " lost on my colleges". Hilarious.

  9. sarcasm is my currency too, I love your embroidery.
    the other options are a hoot too.

  10. Ah yes, my second language... :oD

  11. My husband read the other day that sarcasm adds three years to your life. I said "oh you'll live to 53 then?".


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