Tuesday 19 July 2011

Liebster Award

I know, two posts in a day, would I stop already! But I have been meaning to do this post for days and life keeps getting in the way. The lovely Rachael over at Tiny Pink was ever so kind to nominate me for the Liebster award. Rachael makes some fantastic stuff, is a fellow Brit quilter and has a poorly knee too. Go on over and cheer her up!

I did a little question asking and research about the Liebster and it is a pass on the recognition award for people with blogs that have a smaller readership - under 300 followers. That would be me! Other than being ever so happy to be nominated because it means someone likes my blog, I have to pick three blogs that I really enjoy and hope that those reading my blog are not (a) already followers and (b) go over and take a look at said blogs. This way more people get a chance to see new blogs and maybe find that they like them too.

Enough said. Here are three blogs that I enjoy. I have tried to pick three that have not already been nominated - which is hard because lots of them have. (Because people like them!)

1 - Kirsten writes Gemini Stitches on the other side of the world. She is an Australian blogger who has been writing this blog only since May. She is lovely and she is also a great quilter.

2 - Ceri over at Inspired by Felix is another Brit quilter and she has the most amazing eye for colour. And she has a one year old who is so gorgeous your heart melts when you see photos of her.

3 - Nicky is Mrs Sew and Sow. She makes me laugh all the time because we are always exchanging emails, but most of all she amazes me with the amount of stuff she can make! This woman is a power house. She finishes quilts so fast I feel like a snail here.

So there you have it, my nominations. I tried to choose people who I hadn't previously nominated or nudged you to go over and read. I do hope you take a moment to have a look at their blogs. I'll be looking too, because I already do!

Thanks again, Rachael, for nominating me.



  1. A well deserved award! Well done! Jxo

  2. I second wot Judith says :-)

  3. I always like finding new blogs...off to have a read ;o)

    BTW the link to Gemini Stitches isn't quite right and doesn't work.

  4. Thank you so much Susan - it is very sweet of you to nominate me:)

  5. Congrats miss! We thought you were cool before anyway :) Xx

  6. congrats on the award! just visiting for the first time and have only read a few posts, but am quite impressed at your quilting and amused by your witty writing style.

  7. comment # 2 signed up to follow and am already a follower, so this was not actually my first visit. My brain is mush. Nice to rediscover you.


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