Wednesday 6 July 2011

Another Day of Liesure!

Far be it for me to try and stretch out my 'time off' for my birthday - but I am. If this keeps up I will start thinking that the hours the girls are in school should be spent watching telly and eating chocolate bonbons. Eeeuuuww! That actually gives me a mental picture that sends shivers up my spine. Enjoying life is one thing, but I don't actually think I am built for a life of devoid of craftiness and purpose. What works for some would most definitely not work for me.

I promised photos of my birthday cake so here you go. It was delicious and incredibly well made by the girls. I certainly could not have done better myself. The days of making my own birthday cake are over. Woohoo!

Helen bravely lit all the candles on her own
Please ignore the obscenely large number on the cake.
I am sure it is a typo!
And then I got to spend today in the company of one of the best people in the world. And I had a lovely time indeed. We wandered around Burford, dodging any rain showers and talked non-stop (as you do). But I did promise her no photos of herself as she is camera phobic, as am I. Instead all I took were pics in Burford.

It's the details of the town that I love.
Good old fashioned sweetie shop.
Baskets in every shape and size.
The beauty of the buildings in the mellow Cotswold stone.
This place had a 'Secret Garden' sort of look that appealed to me.
Tomorrow back to real life, I believe. And my sewing machine, I hope. Well I do need to sew together all those strips of fabric hiding the surface of our dining room table so that we can eat there once again!

Thank you to everyone who sent me such lovely birthday wishes. It was truly appreciated and it was a great birthday.



  1. What clever girls you have! The cake looks fab, and I'm sure you don't look a day over 47!!!! Burford looks like a truly magical place - nice part of the world. Jxo

  2. Good for you - you are allowed to relax once in a while!!

    Your photos make me want to go to the Cotswolds! The village looks beautiful!

  3. Excellent, your obscenely large number is two over mine ;-)

    Happy Birthday.

  4. Great photos, and glad you had a lovely day :-)

  5. Aww Susan I'm sorry I missed your birthday yesterday! Happy belated birthday!!!!
    Lovely photos, looks like a great day out!

  6. From the glimpses of the photos I have ever seen of you, I put you in your late thirties, early forties and anyway, it`s just a number isn`t it? Cake looks yummy and I love the Cotswolds...keep stretching that birthday fun out for as long as you can!

  7. Oooooo like those pics of Burford - especially the old sweetie shop! Glad you had a lovely day with your friend!

  8. What a beautiful place, assume the 2 old trolls wandering about scared off any other visitors!! :)

  9. Oh belated Happy Birthday Susan! Sounds like you had a real fab time and the cake looks very yummy indeed. I shall be mentioning to my kids that it's about time they made me a birthday cake when it comes round.

    Burford looks very picturesque too.

  10. Good God, woman - get out and do some work! There's cows to be milked and all.
    Don't worry about the number on the cake. I'm ahead of you.

  11. What a lovely cake, you must be so proud! :o) Burford looks lovely too...


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