Thursday, 28 April 2016

February, March, April

So I fell behind in my bee block making. And with commissions pending I had to pull my finger out and put some time aside. All these are for the wonderful Stitch Tease Bee

First up was February for Dianne, who asked for Mid-century Modern blocks. I struggled with this but using her Pinterest board for inspiration I came up with these two.

For March Cindy gave us a super easy block (which I appreciated considering the month I've had) and it was just a matter of randomly pulling colours and cutting 2" squares. Throw in some low volume and Bob's your uncle.

It's my photography skills that are wonky,
not the blocks.
Finally, I made the April blocks for Agnieszka in the month they were actually due in. Small miracle there. Se asked for botanical blocks that resembled how a child would press flowers, taped down in a notebook, little hand printed labels.

I tried some thread painting for one of them. I have to say this was not as difficult as I thought it would be but I do believe a have a long way to go before I was proficient enough to be proud.

The second block was a no brainer.

It's my favourite of all the blocks I made in the last couple of days.

I hope all the lovely bee ladies are happy with what I made for them, albeit it late for two out of three. Now I am ready and can say, bring on the next round.



  1. I love all the blocks and think the pattern Cindy chose would be good for Siblings Together quilts as people could contribute, say, some multi-coloured nine patches, if they weren't able to make the whole block.

    P.S. Hope we get to play 'guess the project from the sneak peek' sometime soon!

  2. I really love these 'botanical blocks', they are so different to any block I have seen before. x

  3. Of course I'm very happy with the blocks, they are great.

  4. Those Botanical blocks are awesome!
    I do wish I could surreptitiously sit on your shoulder sometimes, and watch you sew.
    I do love Cindys quilt. Simple but perfect.

  5. Your blocks are all beautiful but I especially love the pansy block

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