Thursday 21 April 2016

A Very Successful Swap

Way back when I wrote some blog posts earlier this year I showed you a cushion cover I was making for a swap. Well, I finished it and posted it off to New Zealand to live in its new home. Liz says she likes it very much and that makes me happy. Because I liked it too.

In turn, Caroline - who lives in Southern California - sent me a wonderful cushion to live here with us.

Gorgeous HR unicorn, linen, Alison Glass, and the stitching.

The stitching is amazing. I need to up my game. The work Caroline put into this cushion is phenomenal. And I truly appreciate that she made the effort on my part.

Not only did she make me the cushion but Caroline went the extra mile and stalked me to find out my shoe size. (Sadly this is information you can find out on my social media.) Then she made me slippers.

Heather Ross slippers.

Almost too good to wear. Please note, I said almost.

And that is what you call a successful swap. Happy people all round. A huge thank you to Alison for twisting my arm and having me join in this swap she co-organised. She and Sami did a brilliant job.



  1. Both cushions are beautiful and masterclasses at stitching. Jxo

  2. What a wonderful swap. your cushion is gorgeous and the one you received is too. And love the slippers, so thoughtful!!

  3. Both the cushions are gorgeous, but the Heather Ross slippers are simply priceless. x

  4. Oooooo Lucky you!

    I love the cushion that you made.
    Its been fun watching all the cushions being made, but hadnt caught up with the one you received....and its gorgeous!

  5. Just as well you dont have enormous feet... really lovely swaps. X

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