Friday 4 December 2015

Boy Stuff

I pulled some fabric to make a pouch, for a boy.

I felt the navy and orange, and very simple design fulfilled the masculine vibe adequately.

But I wanted a little bit of uniqueness happening, so I got out the 12w Aurifil thread and did nine rows of stitching on it.

That's the wonderful thing about sewing, how nine simple rows of straight line stitching can completely change how something looks.

Plus, I managed to use a metal zipper without breaking the needle on my machine once. Now that is a small miracle.



  1. I do like this pouch. The bright yellow stitching adds a new dimension to the pouch. Great idea!

  2. I've got so used to peering at quilted "makes" on IG, that I forget how good the photos can be on blogs. This pouch looks so much better here on your blog (not the construction - silly . . the colour!!!) Its lovely!


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