Tuesday 24 February 2015

Nice Stuff

While I was away post arrived. Lovely pretty post of the best kind. 

First up was a wonderfully huge open wide pouch from my best friend, using her precious HR stash (I may have had a hand in getting her hooked on HR). She could have given it to me in person in five weeks time but thought I might find it useful whilst packing for our trip. Too right! It will be a well travelled pouch before this year is out.

Another of the parcels had lovely fabrics from Heidi's (@fabricmutt) that I won in an IG giveaway she had. Heidi chose the fabrics so well for me, and it was so kind of her to part with such beauties. Some may be too beautiful to cut, though I have to get over this obsession of mine to not use my favourites. It is very counter productive! 

Finally, there was a wee parcel from Emily (Strawberry Patch) that I bought in a destash she did when I was away. Wifi was infrequent but well timed in this case as both fabrics have been on my list of needing more. The FMF brown is probably my favourite brown ever, and let's face it, brown does not come high on my list of must haves. This one is just so good though. The toasters have been needed in my fussy cut stash for so long. Now I just need kerchief girls. Oh, how I need kerchief girls. 

I haven't put these fabrics away yet. I like leaving stuff out to be admired for a while before tucking it safely away in the right drawer. Isn't that what a dining room table is for? Fabric display.



  1. Lovely fabrics. I can see why you want to admire them.

  2. You should go away more often if that's what you come back to!

  3. Hi Susan! What a cute pouch youy got and with your favourite Fabrics! Your NEW Fabrics are also very beautiful and I see some specials there! x Teje

  4. Such a pretty pouch, sewing friends really are the best kind to have. x

  5. This is all lovely, especially the pouch.

  6. Nice pouch from your friend. I love that DS brown too

  7. "fabric display" ? . . . . Huh... I should get hubby to read your posts.
    . . . . .future sewing goodness needs to be out on display to "inspire" us doesnt it!

  8. Oh wow what happy mail! Love the pouch and the fabric you won from Heidi is gorgeous! Sometimes I leave my fabric out too for a bit before filing it away just so I can admire it for a little bit longer ;-)


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