Friday 16 January 2015

One Wee Extra - Done

I'm feeling quite productive these days. I've a couple of things done, or started, but shall eke them out one by one on here as it looks like it will be a busy weekend so it will give me something to talk about. 

Sad but true. 

I made a little pin cushion for my swap partner as an extra. The parcel is headed for the other side of the world and I wanted to keep the weight down, so other than a little bit of chocolate, this was going to be it. So I cut into my precious Heather Ross to try and make it good. 

I made it by doing English paper piecing. I contemplated foundation paper piecing but the more I stared at it once I had drawn it out the more I didn't know where to start, and let's face it, as a epp job it was quick and easy. I backed it with linen, stuffed it with wadding scraps and wrapped it up, and tied it with string. It is officially on its way to its new owner, along with the mini. 

Time to move on to new projects. Two commissions down and two to go as well. It's been a little hive of activity here. Maybe the defunct computer is having a positive effect after all! 



  1. fabulous! what a great way to use up the gnomes!

  2. Very sweet. Laughing at the thought of you with nothing to talk about over the weekend so you are storing up things from the week ;-)

  3. Sarah is sooooo right! Hilarious! You've a reputation to uphold you know! Can't believe I'm saying it, but those are very acceptable gnomes! Jxo

  4. I would like to contact you with a question about your Wee Wander quilt and thought you might not read the comments in posts that old. How can I send you a message?

  5. love this, straight and simple, love this

  6. look at you buzzing around with so many projects on the go! you amaze me.
    your partner is the luckiest person in the whole world to get this extra. what a cool design, missus.


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