Sunday 2 August 2015

Sometimes Things Don't Go As Planned

I've been planning on trying this idea for ages. I put it on my Pinterest board so I wouldn't forget. 

Cool, huh? Chocolate brownies cooked in a waffle iron. How hard could it be? 

Apparently harder than it looks! Oh well, once served up with ice cream, chocolate sauce, sprinkles and marshmallows it was apparent that how it looked was no longer a concern. 

I have since been given this advice on IG. 1. Spray the crap out of the waffle iron with Pam or some such spray  oil. 2. Use handmade mix not from a box, which is typical because this was the first time I had used a store bought mix in about a decade. 

I have also had it suggested that chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon rolls are really good cooked this way. Seriously?! I need to get back to practicing because now I want to try cooking everything in the waffle iron. Everything! 



  1. I've seen hash browns done in a waffle iron too... haven't tried it

  2. I think you should add this to the Pinterest fails blog. I've often wondered if this works and almost tried it myself recently with boxed brownies. Cant believe not from scratch mix makes that much of a difference.

    I can imagine though , that this tasted delectable with the accompaniments you mentioned...

  3. This is not a good visual for my diet plan but I must try this.

  4. I think Pam might object! :) Good job I'm eating breakfast or I'd be straight to the shops for chocolate!

  5. I bet it was lovely with ice cream, though!

    P.S. Who's Pam?!

  6. lol, saw this on instagram the other day but hadn't seen the Pinterest inspiration pic. This is priceless :)

  7. No one would have known how many crumbs I "tasted".....

  8. I now want to make cinnamon rolls in a waffle iron but cannot believe they will turn out ok - which is making me want to try even more (I confess to my weirdness now)


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