Friday 19 December 2014

On Schedule - Almost

The project I wanted finished today is not. But it is a completed cushion top. This is a very special make to me. Our family became bigger on Monday.

My step(ish)sister (and her husband obviously) has a new daughter. And she is adorable. She is also fifteen months old. She is the half sister to their two girls that were adopted over eight years ago. She came to live with them in August but they only found out they could keep her on Monday. As you can imagine, we all fell in love with her over the past four months and the prospect that she was not here to stay was devastating. Now their family got the best Christmas present imaginable.

And I am making something for her.

I didn't have time to make a quilt, so I opted for a cushion. It is an eye spy cushion.

As you can see, I decided to hand quilt it. I also went with all those bright solids so that it could help her learn her colours as well as having a few pretty pictures.

It absolutely will be done tomorrow. Because I have to put away the sewing room immediately afterwards. Holiday entertaining begins on Sunday. It's beginning to feel a bit like Christmas around here. Hopefully in your home too.



  1. Aaw! What a wee Christmas miracle and a lovely story (and I love how our modern blended families can give a step-ish sister. *g*) That's a cracking cushion, missus. Enjoy your first festive gathering!!

  2. That's a beautiful story, and what a lovely welcome to the family gift your cushion will be. Made and given with love.
    Have a happy Christmas & look forward to catching up in the new year 😘 xx

  3. it's lovely, I'm sure it'll be loved. What a wonderful Christmas present!

  4. Hi Susan! What a touching story - they do have the best Christmas present and she will love your pillow! I think I'll turn to pillows, too because can't see much sewing time in the future. I wish you wonderful Christmas time! x Teje

  5. Wonderful news for everyone. x

  6. What wonderful news, and a lovely present. She will be happy to get it on any day it is all done.

  7. Such lovely news for your family - I am sure she will just adore her sweet new pillow!


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