Friday 4 November 2011

Snow Flurries Almost Completed

I have been concentrating on the tablerunner for the Modern Christmas Tablerunner Swap the past couple of days so that I could get it closer to completion. Some bits I am happy with and some less so. First of all, I finished embroidering all my snowflakes.

The snowflakes are one of the things I am happy with. I think they came out quite well. That job done, I turned my hand to the backing and completing the piecing of it. I had all the leftover Drunkard's Path block pieces from cutting the front already pieced so I only had to add on the borders. That didn't take too long, and I  measured everything very carefully to try and keep it all identical to the front of the runner.

I then basted the layers together meticulously trying to match up the Drunkard's Path blocks for the quilting. I started quilting, and then I got to the bit that I wasn't very happy with. I kept to simple straight line stitching as I think the snowflakes are supposed to be the bit that catches your eye, not the quilting.

Still have the thread ends to sew in.
Despite all my careful  measuring and pinning, I did not get the back and front to match up any near as well as I had hoped. I wanted this to be a reversible tablerunner, but I think that it will be less so now. Really, it will only be flipped over when there is a serious gravy spill on the front and then the wonky mismatched quilting on the back will not be disliked so much.

It just isn't as good as I had hoped and therefore I am wishing I had done some FMQ after all - but not so much that I am willing to pick all the stitches out.

I couldn't find my camera when I went to take photos of the quilting. It took some grumping about the house until I stumbled upon it in Emily's room. I forgot she said she wanted me to put some photos of her newest Sylvanian Families on here, because she is quite certain that you would like to see some of what she bought. So here is a small selection. (They are a little dark as Emily doesn't understand about me always having the flash turned off for fabric photos. Sorry!)

Emily used a backdrop for these trick or treating ones so they show up better.
I just love those little costumes, and the basket of sweeties.
The Hamburger Wagon was her main purchase this time.
I like how the rooftop terrace provides additional seating.
A close up of the serving hatch area.
I'm showing you this because I just love the way Emily laid it all out so meticulously.
These bits are ever so small!
Emily put the twins in the back of the canal boat reading.

Their mum in the middle feeding the baby.
And the dad steering at the back.
The result of these photos is me realising that Emily is better at staging things than I am. Maybe it would be best if I put her in charge of photography for now on. And if you think the girls are dead spoiled because they have tons of Sylvanian Families (and there is a lot more than what is shown here) I would just like to say in my defence that pretty well all of it was either received as gifts at Christmas or birthdays, or saved for and purchased by themselves. I am just a benign bystander - sort of, maybe - except when I am in the Sylvanian Families shop and then I kind of get sucked into their enthusiasm.



  1. Susan - I did smile when you said that you wish you had done some FMQ but not so much that you were willing to unpick. Ahh - a girl after my own heart. I do love your tablerunner so so much and it would be too much like good luck that it would be coming my way but your partner is super lucky to have the swap mama and I don`t think there will be any gravy spills.

    The Sylvanian families are adorable and I know your children aren`t spoilt and I have never met them but I think I`m right. Well, I usually am!

  2. oh my goodness if thats not a reason for a hoover ban I dont know what is ;-) very cute, and beautifully staged!

  3. 'fraid i'd have those up in the hoover 'by accident' in no time! It's that short 'fur' that I really can't love!

    However the table runner is fantastic - sod the back, the owner shouldn't be putting gravy anywhere near it!

  4. Love the runner - I think a gravy ban is in order in your partner's house! I'm still not sold on the Sylvanian families (just like Hadley it's the fur that makes me go a bit funny!) but for the first time I can really see the appeal of them and Emily stages and takes great photos!!

  5. I love it wonky quilting and all, its still stunning, and two runners for the price of one, what a lucky lucky partner! I hope its coming to my new house to cheer me up :)

  6. I think your table runner is still the BOMB! Handmade doesnt mean perfect, that's part of the charm.

    I love the little Sylvanian collection . (Im not great at staging stuff either - can you send Emily over here to help me out for my next photo shoot ?)

  7. LOL! SF are as addictive as fabric! My Bethany loves them too! I know you're disappointed with the back of your table runner, but I would be delighted to receive it! I'm sure your partner will fully appreciate the amount of work and effort you've put into it. I wouldn't be putting gravy within a mile of it! Jxo

  8. Och, no-one's meant to look at the back of things, that's why you have a front and a back. Otherwise you'd have a front and a front, which would be like some weird Alice in Wonderland critter...

    As for the Sylvanian Families, I can't believe those things are still going! I can actually hear the horrible little jingle from the ads in my childhood running through my head right now... thanks for that...

  9. your runner is gorgeous - don't worry about lining up everything perfectly - it looks so very cool bananas as it cool that i'm sure it's coming to oz??

  10. I think your table runner looks awesome!! I love the embroidered snowflakes and that aqua blue really captures the feeling of winter and snow. Your daughter's Sylviania critters are so cute!! I love the elaborate set-ups-- my daughter used to do that with her Littlest Pet Shop animals. Thanks for including them, too!

  11. Gravy near that runner - never in a million. If it were coming my way it'd be out decorating the lamppost outside my house just so I could say "Look what Susan made for me!" The snowflakes are gorgeous and the front is so fab nobody will mind about not turning it over anyway.

    Thos are amazing Sylvanian Family shots (and Emily was right I did enjoy seeing them) - well staged and tell a story. Artistic tendencies passing down the generations me thinks!

  12. I had a similar experience with my runner yesterday. My walking foot broke so I am not overly thrilled with the results as I plug along but I have no other solution. Three circles are done. Now I debate about whether to pull all the stitches and do it all by hand. I just don't know.

  13. The table runner is just lovely - the embroidery looks perfect and I love the colors you chose. I've never heard of the Sylvanian Family as I have two teenage boys but your daughter has indeed done a terrific job of "staging" them. :)

  14. Runner looks fab Susan. Sylvanian families bring back great memories for me, they were my favourite toys. I always had more characters than houses so used to decorate cardboard boxes as rooms!

  15. Your TR looks just spectacular! I love the cool, crisp, wintery feel it gives. Abs perfect for any table. Beautiful job! xx

  16. You know I love your tablerunner so much but worry not about the back - no adoring person like me will check your quilting lines!

    The Sylvanians are cute and Emily is set for a career in films, window dressing or magazine styling or...something creative!

  17. I love your snowflakes and the wonky bits of quilting too! Only you can tell! Gorgeous runner for a lucky person! My daughter Emma is approaching 5 but is hooked on Sylvanian families for her dolls house etc! I love them but took all the tiny pieces of food away for safe keeping until she is a little more like your daughter with handling them! cute photos!xx

  18. Beautiful runner, the colors are wonderful and the stitched snowflakes look awesome. We have those little animals too, we call them Calico Critters and they have the best house/furniture to play with. Cute photos, well staged!


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