Tuesday 15 November 2011

Back to My Swap

Two sick kids still at home. Now the benefit of this was a lie in this morning, and lazing about reading a book for just about forever. I cannot remember the last time I did that. It is pretty bad that my decadent behaviour was brought about by poorly tummies though!

Emily is bouncing back a bit more than Helen now. She says her tummy still hurts but she is coping with it so I set her to one of her favourite tasks. Bread making.

And now my house smells soooooo good! You cannot beat the smell of freshly baked bread. And I am not a bread maker. Emily is better at it than me. I readily admit it and happily let her do it. I think that in a year or two I will encourage her to experiment more and add flavours, make different types. Exploit her ability really!

So I didn't get much accomplished today. But guilt finally drove me away from the book and the computer. I decided it was time to finish my tablerunner for my swap. All there was left to do was to make and attach the binding. Therefore can you imagine my consternation when I realised that I had happily been using the fabric I had set aside for the binding to back cushions and line pouches?! I rummaged around the mess (Oh, I can't do housework with sick kids at home - that is against the rules.) and eventually found enough bits of the required fabric to cobble together the binding, albeit in much smaller pieces than originally intended.

All I have to do now is sew it to the back. And sew in lots of thread ends still there from the quilting. I hate sewing in thread ends, but then I know I am not alone in that! There are some mistakes in this runner that really annoy me, especially as it is going to someone else for Christmas. But there are things that I did that I am very proud of. I hope that when it is all done and I take the final photos that the parts I am proud of far out weigh the bits that bug me.

If you haven't been over to the swap Flickr site you should do, because there are some incredible runners being made. These ladies make me look like the rank amateur that I am. I've done this mosaic to show you a variety of what is being made. This in no way indicates my favourites because I love everything being made - I just wanted to give you an idea of the talent.

1. Modern Christmas Tablerunner - Detail, 2. Sneak peak of my quilting..., 3. IMG_6177blog, 4. MCTS - close up of tree ornaments and the stars, 5. MCTR Swap, 6. Modern Christmas Tablerunner Swap Finished, 7. MCTR Finished Front, 8. Modern Christmas Table Runner: Front Stitching, 9. Runner to go, 10. Conpleted!, 11. Tablerunner WIP, 12. The hand quilting, 13. Christmas Runner, 14. Goodies to go, 15. Modern Christmas Tablerunner 2011, 16. Modern Christmas Table Runner Swap - all done



  1. It`s a while since I`ve been first to your post to comment - normally I have to get my elbows out. Great mosaic and yes, oodles of talent there. Congrats on a hugely successful swap. Of course your partner will love it and still hoping you`re having me on and it will be heading my way.

    I made bread yesterday but it wasn`t good. I think it was a low quality flour as it just didn`t do it for me. Emily`s rolls on the otherhand look very yummy! Glad she`s perking up and hoping Helen follows soon.

  2. Wow, your little breadmaker is seriously talented. How lovely that she enjoys baking - what a great talent to encourage ;-)

  3. Em's bread looks better than mine too!

  4. Luck you havig freshly made bread at home! Can I come over? Mmmmm.
    I love, love, love your table runner and am absolutely sure it will be the proud, fab center piece of a lucky family's christmast dinner. Lucky partner :)
    There is amazing inspiration in flickr group. Even if I'm really bad at commenting, I love just peeking into see what's new. So pretty!

  5. I LOVE your table runner! I am in the Christmas MugRug Swap too and your snowflake embroidery inspired my design for that!!! And thanks for the inclusion in your mosaic-but I must admit mine looks rank amateur too!

  6. Mmm, home made bread - YUM! And your runner is fab of course :)

  7. Glad to hear the girls are feeling better. Wow that bread looks amazing - like from an artisan bakers! Yes definitely exploit that talent!!!! ;-)

    Table runner is looking good too!

  8. Freshly baked bread is one of my weaknesses. Emily's bread looks fabulous. That girl could be one of the famous chefs of our time in a few years!

    I think your runner looks amazing. The recipient will be delighted.

  9. Ooooh that bread looks mouth watering! Lovely mosaic of some amazing talent - what lovely gifts to have out at Christmas time. Jxo

  10. Ahh, slave driving the children again, I like it! My mum always used me for cakes and things too, oddly enough...

    Yikes on the inadvertent fabric use, but glad you were able to rescue your binding :o)

  11. Good old Emily, always there to save the day - was it mum who 'poisoned them' so she had to bake to be safe!

    Your runner will look smashing xxx

  12. Is it still a crime to intercept the Royal Mail? Will have to sit in the Post Office to make sure your tablerunner comes to the right address! Sorry not Morocco!

    Great little baker your daughter! Get her selling her wares - who can resist freshly made bread?

    I thought we were all amateurs and there's nothing rank about us - well my cat does smell a bit at the moment...

  13. sounds like a great day. I sure wish I was ready to do some binding. This table runner is giving me fits!!!!

  14. Laughing at Nicky's comment about Saffy! The bread looks wonderful, I bet it tasted even nicer! I love all the runners in your mosaic - there's such a lot of talent around!


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