Monday 21 November 2011

Back to Normal

I merrily drove the girls to school this morning. And they happily went in. It is amazing how being out of routine for a week can seem like so much longer. But all is right in our world once again. Girls gone, I continued driving and went to town. I needed two things from Tesco, but needless to say I came out with a whole lot more. And with a smile on my face. These days I usually come out frowning and squinting at the receipt, convinced that they rang it in incorrectly because there was no way what I bought could have totalled up to such a huge amount.

No, today I was happy! Because for once they actually had things on special that I wanted, and were not sugar laden treats. The star deals, though not the only deals, of my shop were the following (sadly I am going to tell you, and those of you who live near a Tesco can hightail it over and get the same deals).

The price of flour is down (!) and there was a buy two get one free deal.
That meant only £1 a bag for the flour. Nice change!
The pasta deal was fantastic. Buy one and get two free.
I might get some more next time I am in town.
This stuff keeps for just about forever in the larder.
Once a year I treat myself to a bottle of Baileys.
It is half price right now.
It is now wiating for Christmas to come out of hiding.
So I was on my own, getting great deals on stuff I would be buying anyway. Life was going great. I came home and had breakfast for lunch. Well, it was that late by then that it was one meal or the other. I then turned my hand to getting a few parcels ready for posting.

I needed to make another bunting for one of the parcels. I picked up some more of the red gingham ribbon in town to be able to do this.

I dug around and found every selvedge cut off I own and gathered them together as they are destined for Australia.

I sorted out all the parcels, got the girls from school, made their dinner and we are about to go to dance. Doesn't seem like much, does it. But I am happy with what I accomplished.



  1. Sounds like a great day - I went riding, to the Post Office and the rest of the time I spent nagging not so sick daughter to tidy up the floor of her room and get off the computer!

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  3. Looks like a lot to me! I'm hoping they have the wholemeal pasta in that deal when I hit up Tesco tomorrow...

  4. aah, I have just got back from Tesco and didnt wander down the alcohol aisle so didn't see half price baileys, now I may have to go back!!Love your bunting

  5. Would you believe I buy from Tesco too... and have it delivered to France!!!! There are a few companies now that will deliver your shopping here.

  6. Lovely to hear you so cheery, glad you had a good day!

  7. Never mind Tesco, I want Winda Tiodang as a professional follower!

  8. I need that whole bottle of baileys right now after the afternoon I have had. Infact im thinking of applying for a sabatical from life/motherhood! Good deals though Susan, well spent!

  9. Oh I like the sound of half price Baileys - yum! Glad you're back to your normal self & routine today! Jxo

  10. Sometimes even the smallest things make us happy, don't they?!! The bunting is really cute!

  11. Sounds like a good day! Love the bunting!

  12. Your day sounds like bliss. Silence. crazy shopping bargains and Baileys!

    I bet I know where those selvages are going to end up....

    You are officially the bunting Queen and we bow to your greatness. It's gorgeous. I keep waffling on about making bunting. I think that will have to go on the 2012 list!

  13. Sorry Susan, still chuckling at Annabella's comment. (I hate Baileys.)

  14. me too Sheila! too funny. sounds like you had a great day Susan - those serendipitous airs appear to be wafting around England too!
    ...but I've sworn off alcohol for a while, so you can keep your Bailey's

  15. ...and just had a look at Winda's blog - she's 14 and is into fashion - especially top end couture - how precious!

  16. Snorting!!!

    Nice shopping - I quite fancy a Baileys xxx

  17. fancy the baileys too,great deals and a good day by the sound of it or the quiet !!

  18. Is it bad that I'm giggling at Annabella's comment too!!
    Sounds like a great day to me, well done on the flour and pasta - I always like to have lots of that in too. Pasta is my default lazy dinner!!

  19. You landed some fabulous deals, my hat's off to you! Nice to see somewhere the $ of flour is less crazy. Right now I'm paying anywhere from $8-$12/10kg, the real kick in the head is that I live in one of the best wheat producing provinces in Canada!
    Go figure, eh?!



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