Sunday 20 March 2011

Plans! What Plans?

It's Sunday. I know I said that I would go to the garden centre today, but (I repeat) it's Sunday. I lost focus and relaxed, and then none of this planting of seeds seemed quite so urgent. The seeds will still be there during the week and the seed pots will wait patiently - I presume.

No, it has been a bacon sandwich for breakfast sort of day. Sit and read every blog I currently like to keep tabs on. See what others in the world are up to. Push a chicken into the oven to roast and then get distracted by the girls and all the 'stuff' they have hauled out of the garage. There's more fun playing swing ball than hopping in the car and heading for the garden centre, say I.

Even phone calls are better taken outside -

And that is the thing about the weather warming. I am not the only one revelling in it. Suddenly there are no arguments about how long the tv has been on or who has been sitting at the computer all day. Life happens in a much nicer way. Entertainment can be found in much more entertaining ways. It's great!

Swingball -

 Swing sets -

Trampolines -

Bendy girls -

Drama queens -

Friends -

Life is better outside.

So, no I am not going to make the effort and go out and source my tomato seeds. The stuff going on here is much more important. Besides my roasting chicken might need me. It's a good enough excuse and I am sticking to it.


PS: It is a good thing that no-one told me about the posibilities of owning a trampoline for oneself when I was young because I probably would have promised my first born to Rumplestiltskin for one - and I wouldn't be without Helen for anything!

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