Tuesday 29 March 2011

Soil Beneath My Fingernails

I bet you all think that I forgot all about my pots languishing outside, waiting in vain for me to put some seeds in them. Forlornly propped up against the wall, potting soil drying out and the tumble weeds starting to gather. Poor, sad little things.

Well, you are wrong. Because I was so excited about the European Market last Friday I forgot to tell you that we swung by the garden centre on the way home. Now eight little pots grace my window sill in the utility room, seeds exactly one quarter of an inch below the surface waiting to spring into life (I hope fervently). Now you won't hear anything about them until I have tender little green shoots of tomato plants coming forth to be fruitful. Fingers crossed.

That's my beastie in the background.
I also went out and properly assessed the state of my herb garden. Planted at the beginning of last summer when we moved to this house. I am afraid to report that the long hard winter we had here this year has had some casualties.

Nothing short of a miracle is going to save my baby bay tree. Next garden centre visit will involve a new one I do believe. Same can be said for my Greek oregano. That baby was not prepared for snow, I think. My thyme, chives, sage and normal, bog standard oregano should make it through another year though.

I suppose I am going to have to mention the dreaded word - weeds. No hard winter has ever managed to put a dent in those. How on earth do I get a dandelion out of hard, gravelly soil when it has taken root right beside my oregano without damaging the herb and still successfully killing the nasty, invasive thing? If anyone knows, please, please tell me.

I have done some sewing too today. But you will have to wait and see what I have accomplished on a later post. I am going to make dinner and see how progress is being made on the Royal Wedding homework. Exciting!


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  1. I'm reliably informed that "picking the leaves off a dandelion will not kill it because the tap root remains below the surface and will quickly send up new leaves" HOWEVER "repeatedly picking off the leaves will eventually starve the tap root of nutrients and kill the weed". Give it a go. Big Bro


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