Monday 23 May 2016

Small Is Good

Lots going on here and I do have the best intentions of telling you about it. I'm just kind of buried under work right now. And as I have a lot of stuff to get done before I disappear 'up north' for a week next week, and then for much longer in the summertime I have been prioritising. Blogging took the brunt again.

I have made my smallest quilt ever though. Mostly because I have been head down and working so much that yesterday I broke and just made something because I could.

I used HSTs that were offcuts from a quilt I made for Love Patchwork & Quilting a while ago. They finished at 1" in this little mini. Then some FMQ matchstick quilting to make all those little triangles of colour pop and my playtime was over. But it makes me smile and it was fun to make. It works with that almost instant satisfaction thing that I do so like.

So today I write patterns, and make dinner, and take Helen to the paediatrician (where she was fully discharged to continue healthily on in the world, thank goodness), and finished a quilt that has almost 1,000 pieces in it. Yeah, that would be the one that has been keeping me busy. Just have to write a pattern for it this week. Fun!

Just to note, I like the making bit, not the pattern writing bit.



  1. What a cutie! So pleased Helen is doing much better! I used to hate pattern writing too, but I've grown to like it (weird!). Jxo

  2. Such wonderful news about Helen.
    Cute Mini . . love that dandelion fabric...or whatever . . I never "know" designers!

  3. This is sweet. I haven't done a mini, but I have a few on my must sew list. x

  4. Glad to hear Helen is on the mend. And what a sweet mini! And how neat is your quilting. Do you have elves with little teeny tiny fingers in your roofspace?

  5. Real purty, and damn you cos now I really really want to make a 6" mini... ;-) Glad Helen is well! x

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