Tuesday 14 July 2015


I think many of you know as many us of Brit Bees who could possibly attend Terri's memorial service on Saturday did so. Terri was the glue that brought us all together. If you never had the privilege of meeting her then it's hard to describe the incredibly magnetic, unique person she was. While tears were shed it was not a sad day. Most memories of Terri fill people with smiles and laughter. She was remembered the way she would want to be. 

It felt good to attend and share in the service. 

But, despite the service being the reason for our Brit Bee gathering, we took the time to exchange the medallion quilt tops that we have been doing a round robin on for the best part of two years it seems. Those who could not be in Sevenoaks had their quilt tops sent to them and opened them at the same time as we did.

I love how these quilts are made to the same pattern, with some permutations. We all made our own centres so those are unique to each of our quilt tops. Then, depending on the small variances in pattern and the fabric choices, the individualty of each quilt grew. 

So without further ado here are the other ten quilt tops. (You've seen mine and one bee member has failed to post photos of hers.) 

Hadley's -

Trudi's -

Jo's -

Ceri's - (my personal favourite; I love them all but the impact of this one does it for me)

Sarah's - 

Fiona's - 

Di's -

Katy's - 

Jude's -

Laura Jane's -

I would call that one very successful round in our bee. We are currently dreaming up what to do next time. Stay tuned to see if we've figured it out by the end of the summer. 

Oops, Sarah just pointed out I didn't put a big photo of mine up. Silly me. Sorry! 



  1. Wish I'd been able to come. Love all the tops but yeah, Ceri's stands out! Please add yours to this post, please, its odd off the list! Didnt Katy take a pic of Jennies incase we never saw it again?!

  2. Um, one member didn't quite get hers on time as it's sitting on my hall floor, work and a train cancellation has rather conspired against it. Hopefully it'll go in the post tomorrow...

  3. That's a brilliant round up Suz! I love our bee! Jxo

  4. I still like yours the best, they are all beautiful though.

  5. All beautiful quilts as are all you Brit Bee ladies. ❤️

  6. Interesting how the same quilt has a very different look with different fabrics. They all look great.

  7. So sorry for the loss of your friend- she sounds like an amazing person. What a special group of quilts this is! All so beautiful. Kind of makes me want to do a medallion along...

  8. All absolutely beautiful Susan. You ladies did an amazing collective job!

  9. These are just fab. I love seeing the same design done in different colours, it is really inspirational to see all these variations. So hard to choose a favourite but I rathe like Sarah's and Katy's.


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