Tuesday 14 October 2014

Back To The Sewing

I sat at my machine today for the first time since the weekend away. I'm not sure how nine days past without anything being made. Well I do know, but it really isn't acceptable. Life needs to be more flexible to my creative needs!

Joking aside, it felt good to sit and sew today. Yesterday was the kneel (on the floor) and cut day.

That was 380 pieces of fabric. Which should be sufficient - if I've done my maths right - to complete five more Paper Snowflakes blocks.

Today started with the piecing of 80 HSTs and the subsequent trimming. I figured it would be best to get the worst chore out of the way and then everything else would seem quick and easy in comparison. There were 20 of the square blocks with the diagonal red, and 40 each of the strips.

And then I took the HSTs and strips, plus an extra strip of red and made up 20 of these portions of the snowflakes - which are straighter than the one above appears.

Fingers crossed, I might be well on my way to finishing these snowflake blocks tomorrow. I hope so. I can't wait to lay the nine blocks out together and see how they look together.


* deltabird - you left a message on a post asking which issue of Love Patchwork & Quilting the orange and blue blocks are in. I cannot reply by email as you are a no-reply blogger. The cushion was in issue 7 and I believe you can order back issues from the Love Patchwork & Quilting website. Link here. 


  1. It will be interesting to see your snowflake blocks.

  2. This is going to be amazing!

  3. Im really interested to see how this looks as a whole quilt- I just bet its going to be pure eye candy!

  4. I love the flexibility of HST's but all that trimming urgh, it really is a chore. Can't wait to see this finished :)

  5. this is going to be fantastic and so contemporary for a Christmas quilt.


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