Sunday 2 October 2011

New Skills

You would think that if I was learning something new it would be something good -  like paper piecing or the like. But no, today I had the pleasure of learning how to trim the ends of wires, and then crimp them, and then place them in these little terminals, etc. Exciting! No, not really but essential to our business and a way that I could help himself when usually I can't help him with that sort of thing.

So, no sewing to report.

We did go for a walk together, to a magical little place that is just a couple of miles from where we live. It is a peaceful little string of three ponds between some fields and accessed by a public footpath. I think of it as magical because at this time of year there are always so many dragonflies there. I cannot express the feeling of standing motionless and having one land on your arm. It makes something light up inside me.

I would like to bedazzle you with photos of dragonflies - but I'm just not that good. We walked through some more fields and up into the woods. There the girls discovered a Geo Cache. If you have kids and have never done it before, it is an amazing way to get them to go for a walk. It's like a treasure hunt on a larger scale. They have to look very hard for many of these cache, and they are everywhere in the world. Anyone can do it. It doesn't cost anything. It gets you outdoors. What more could you ask for?

Inside many GoeCache boxes you will often find small toys, or key chains and the like. The idea is you take it and leave something new in exchange. Helen had planned ahead and brought a selection of small things with her though we hadn't realised. It meant she got to put in some of her treasures and walk out of the woods with this -

A Wee Grufalo
I have to say that the Grufalo is the coolest thing we have found in a GeoCache yet. But I can recommend Geo Caching as something fun to do with your kids if you are at a loss some weekend. Though you will need a GPS receiver to play this game. I think if you have a smart phone you can have this function - through an app or somehow. (You get a clue who in this family does not have a smart phone and does not have the GPS function!)

Despite having no sewing to report I do have a little bit of fabric to show you. First off, more of my bee blocks have arrived.
By Lolly (aka Laura Jane)

By Ceri (aka Ceri)
Thank you to both of you. They look absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait until I have all the blocks and can just play with layouts. Almost there.

Finally, I got a hugely wonderful surprise in the post yesterday. One of my very first bloggy friends, and certainly one of my best bloggy friends, is Annabella of Life's Rich Pattern. I offered to do a favour for her and in return she sent me these incredibly FQs. I was gobsmacked - to use a great expression from my northern roots. I am also incredibly thankful because I love these fabrics.

Delighted by Riley Blake
I have chicken satay to go on the bbq, taking advantage of more of this nice weather. Last night's bbq went down a treat and the girls liked the earlier falling of darkness because apparently it is a lot more fun to toast marshmallows over the glowing coals in the dark. I agree with them. We'll do it again tonight.

If you are looking for the giveaway it can be found here. If you want to sign up for the Modern Christmas Tablerunner Swap then today is the last day you can do it. Please go to the Flickr site and sign up and send me the details or it will be too late. And it is the most brilliant group of people.



  1. New skills, fabric and blocks! Lucky you Susan! Wow - on the dragonflies!

  2. Sometimes I've been with people looking for geocaches and I must jinx it because when I'm around they can never find them!!!

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  4. Here's irony - yours is the first blog today that blogger has let me comment on - and now it's posting comments twice!

  5. What a lovey day you have had - never heard of geo caches altho my kids are no longer kids, maybe that is why, am off to look them up.

  6. Sounds like the girls had great fun today, well done Helen for going prepared with little things to leave in exchange!
    Oh no, are my blocks last?! Sorry honey, I'll get them out to you asap..

  7. Well, it's a skill set that may come in useful in the future...maybe! Well done Helen for thinking ahead - that girl will go far!! Hope the marshmallow toasting wasn't washed out...

  8. Cool blocks, esp. like the purple border! That looks like such an idyllic place, how wonderful to have it on your doorstep! Riley Blake - yum! Jxo

  9. sounds like a wonderful day and how lovely of Annabella to send you that lovely fabric

  10. I`ve never heard of Geocache before but when we were in my mum`s local woods back in May we found little `fairy houses` and a little notebook where you could leave a note and your name...perhaps they were part of the geocache thing? Looks a gorgeous place and what a great thing to be able to do in October! So happy you like your fabric and that we are old and best blog pals!

  11. what a lovely friendship you have great fabrics looking forward to seeing what you make .
    never heard of the geo thing but it sounds very interesting .going to look it up .

  12. Geocaching eh? Geo-looting if my lot knew!

    Dragonflys are the bestest, bestest bugs ever!

    PS. 'incredibly FQs'? Were there precisely 18"x 22"?

  13. Jealous of your Riley Blake fabrics and your bbq. Today was wet and misty all day here! Have had to listen to my husband ranting about moving to somewhere warmer/dryer all weekend every time a weather report came on to tell us you folks were having an Indian summer while we got the Indian monsoons! Green doesn't really suit me!

  14. Sounds like you had a great time with the girls....nice for you all.
    The fabric is lovely also. and you take great The one with the cattails is so much like here...lovely.

  15. I love the idea of finding hidden treasures. What a great activity for the kids.

    Lovin' the blue bee block. Gorgeous.

    Cute parcel of fabrics. Non sewing people just don't understand the thrill of opening something that pretty!

    mmmmm Marshmallows. I wonder if I could get away with toasted marshmallows for breakfast?

  16. OOoh love those FQs, you lucky thing! Must chat to you more about geo caching, sounds very interesting! Is it a UK thing? Would it be here in Ireland? Always looking for fun things to do with the kids :-)

  17. Love geocaching! I havent been for a while but I have set up my own before now. You should get the kids to start one and think of the clues and puzzles etc.

    Glad you had a nice weekend xxx

  18. yum chicken satay love it! My kids adore the Gruffalo! That fabric is beautiful and those blocks are cute too! Lovely days. xxx

  19. Lots of my friends here are into geocaching. We've contemplated trying it but never quite got there. I'm not the gadgety type either.

    How lovely of Annabella! What a sweetie. Bloggy friends are the best aren't they!!

    Sounds like you are busy as always.


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