Thursday 3 September 2015

Round Four

The time was come, after taking the summer off, to get started on round four of Brit Bee. The plan this time round is we all do one 15" block that will be unique to our own quilts, and then design a 15" x 30" block that will appear in everyone's block. We will each make a block for each of the quilts, rotating through the blocks so that eventually we have all made one of each block, and each of those blocks exist in different quilts. Make sense? Never mind, it works for us.

So, jumping the gun, I designed my bigger block first. And then got all excited and made it too. My colour theme this round is going to be a white background and monochromatic blocks, or sections of blocks, that are made in solids and some tone on tone prints. I am hoping for more solids than prints, and I am hoping for an ombre effect on blocks that allow it.

It makes more sense visually. This is what I came up with. Oh, I forgot to mention the little, tiny pops of contrasting colour put in here and there.

It was pointed out to me (nicely, not snarkily)  that I hadn't made my 15" block yet. Therefore I got on with that too. I spent the whole school room/waiting in the car time trying to come up with something new. I failed, but I did have fun with HSTs and playing with colour some more.

And that is me not only caught up but ahead of the game for Brit Bee. That means tomorrow I shall start on Stitch Tease and it may mark the first time in ever that I am on top of both bees simultaneously. I may have to reward myself with chocolate!



  1. A* and go to the top of the Brit Bee class!! Jxo

  2. I think you deserve a big bar.

  3. ooh I love how these look, that top block is so interesting - lovely colour effect!

  4. Lovely blocks. Keep eating that chocolatešŸ˜˜

  5. I love these blocks! The next round of BB sounds wonderful but complicated, I hope that someone (I'm guessing Hadley!) has a really good spreadsheet...

  6. 2 Bees? I'm impressed.
    Looking forward to seeing their progress.


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