Wednesday 24 February 2016

Big Birthdays and a Plus One

We Brit Bee managed to pull a couple of surprises this weekend. As we are quilters we like to make quilts to celebrate occasions within our group. It would be silly not to really. This time it was the turn of Fiona, who celebrated a big birthday in the past twelve months. (We like to make quilts but no one said we give them in time.)

As always we each contributed a block or two for the quilt. Katy coordinated us all and pieced them. Trudi, our quilting guru did the quilting and then Di did the binding.

We totally caught Fiona by surprise. She is one of the nicest people you would ever want to meet. Being able to see her receive this quilt was a total pleasure.

Next up was the turn of our youngest member (and founding bee mama) who is about to add to our Brit Bee The Next Generation population. Again we had a quilt, and a few baby items as well because shopping for babies is too much fun to pass up.

There is almost five years of history in our Brit Bee group now. There has been more happenings than we ever could have imagined. And I wouldn't be without a single one of them.

I leave you with this happy photo.

I am so, so lucky to be a part of all this.



  1. Hi Susan! These both quilts are very special and beautiful! You are lucky to be a part of that group of friends! x Teje

  2. Brilliant pics! Terri would have loved them! Can't believe she's 1 year gone. Jxo

  3. Two very lovely quilts ... you have a wonderful group of quilty friends!

  4. These quilts are both gorgeous. Happy days. x

  5. lovely quilts, lovely friends, and lovely to be part of a bee that is consistent from year to year

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