Thursday 28 January 2016

Stitch Tease

I'm not teasing about stitching here. I'm talking about my second bee - Stitch Tease - which I have been proudly a part of for three years now. There is ever so nice a group of ladies in it. Some who I have been lucky enough to meet in person which makes it even better. And this January was my month.

I took my inspiration directly from our bee mama herself - Di of Random Thoughts of Do or Di. She made this marvellous quilt towards the end of 2015.

I loved it so much I decided to have one similar for myself. I asked for wonky quarter log cabins in jewels tones, with one section of navy inserted in each block. I specified tone on tone fabrics, or solids. Looking at Di's quilt I am not sure why I specified it. But I did.

I made my two blocks and more blocks have been arriving at a steady pace.

I am now up to 14 blocks and here's how they are looking together.

Kind of loving all that in your face colour. I asked that they not square their blocks off and that the size could be in a range because I will bring all the blocks together myself, with a navy solid. And I want the wonky appearance to carry over to the way they looked once sashed with the navy.

Ten more blocks to arrive and I will have another quilt in the making. I love this part of being in a bee. It just thrills me every last time.



  1. It goes without saying but I'll say it anyway...I ❤️ Bee-ing with you. You're on your way to a lovely quilt.

  2. Hi Susan! This is going to be awesome quilt! I love that wonky improvised look and the colours are fantastic! Really fun and beautiful! x Teje

  3. Love this block! They look so good altogether, and Di's quilt is stunning! Jxo

  4. The excitement of Mail! . . with fabric blocks! . . .crazy , heh!
    Great quilt idea.

  5. They look great, going to be a fab quilt!

  6. Love wonky versions of log cabin . This will be great


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