Tuesday 20 October 2015

Playing Catch Up

Good God, time is moving faster than my brain these days. So many things going on and I'm not finding the time to come and tell you about them. So I shall endeavour to catch you up over the next couple of days.

Last week was particularly busy because we had Emily's German exchange student with us. She was a lovely girl but had very little English. Seeing as how our German is even worse there was a lot of silence, long uncomfortable silence. Unfortunately. And she brought nothing to entertain herself with. Nothing. Not even a book. I know, because I asked.

Oh well, we did our best and she certainly wasn't unpleasant, just very quiet.

During the week there was lots of taxiing back and forth as the day trips for the German students often returned at entirely different times to the school schedule. Add on top of that the fair was in town. Helen went all three days. Emily went twice. Our exchange guest once, as that was all that fit in her schedule.

Then on Saturday Emily and I took our guest to Birmingham for the day. We live about halfway between London and Birmingham. Obviously you are aware that we go to London as often as time and budget allow. We love London. The girls have both been to Birmingham on school a school trip when they were in Y8. I went once about a dozen years ago.

My apologies to all that is Birmingham. It was brilliant and you can tell by all the developments happening that it is only going to get better. I think we will return when the Christmas market is there. Planning it already.

The Selfridge's building is iconic. And the new New Street Station - which I got an abysmal photo of - is going to strike an equal architectural mark on the city.

Another new landmark is the Birmingham Library. It is known as the wedding cake, and you can see why.

Whilst there I found out it was the largest library in Europe. Having had a good look around I can well believe it. It is as striking on the inside as it is on the outside.

The space is so user friendly, with outside spaces as well as inside, including ping pong tables available for use. I like that.

We had lunch down by the canal where more regeneration has been happening. Really, for someone who has lived so close to this city for so long I was blissfully ignorant. No longer.

We did venture into Selfridges. And got sucked into the loveliness that is Cath Kidston because it turns out Emily rather likes her. And it also turns out there are some very covetable items out right now. Plus prints that are very Heather Ross in nature so therefore right up my street.

Sewing notions too! I fell in love. Not with the notions, but with this.

I had to have it. It was essential to my mental well being. It's a cookie jar, just in case you can't tell. It's no secret I like cookies. And I bake cookies. I needed this to put my cookies in. So I bought it.

Then we missed a train and had to wait another 50 minutes. So we went back to the mall. And there was a misunderstanding about the time to meet up again. We had to run for the train. I'm not renowned for my coordination. I went ass over tea kettle (or shall we say ass over cookie jar) in our mad dash. And we still missed the train. Seriously!

But I was okay, albeit with bruised knees and pride, and the cookie jar survived.

The same could not be said about my new mug though. Sigh.


PS: But someone's thoughtful and loving husband has ordered her a new replacement mug, because he can be lovely like that.


  1. I can't believe your exchange student didn't bring anything to entertain herself!! Sorry about the broken mug (and the presumably scraped knees/dented pride) but thank goodness the biscuit barrel survived! It's been a while since I last measured my length - did anyone come to your rescue?!

    P.S. Lovely hubby!

  2. Sounds like a great place to visit and good shopping too! Thank goodness your cookie jar survived. I've taken a few spills lately myself ..

  3. Exchange students can be very strange sometimes. Years ago, my family hosted a French student (as part of a school exchange I was on) who it turned out, was very fond of knives. He pulled a knife on my brothers over a very slight disagreement about a computer game that we owned. It then turned out that he had about 10 knives with him!

  4. Sounds like you live in a perfect place. Lovely countryside but accessible to two interesting metropolitan places. The Birmingham library looks amazing! I am so pleased that people are still investing in libraries. Books are important!

  5. Your poor knees! Your hubs is a keeper! Jxo

  6. Glad you survived the fall. A broken mug looked like a good excuse to go back though.

  7. Birmingham I agree does suffer from an image problem but pick your spot and it's great. But a word of warning about the Christmas Market we've been a couple of times - once the week before Christmas during the day on a rainy day and the other time last year on Saturday evening a couple of weeks before Christmas. The first time was super, pleasantly busy and loads to see albeit we could have done without the rain but it may have kept the crowds away. But Saturday evening was absolutely crazy busy and unpleasantly so. And at night you lose your bearings easily and we missed quite a bit because we just couldn't face fighting our way through the crowds. But do go just pick your time and maybe the early bird does catch the Christmas worm!


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