Wednesday 3 September 2014

It's All About The Girls

Our annual pilgrimage north is mostly about the girls. Oh, I have a wonderful time too, but it's about spending time with them, and my mum and stepdad, and my brother. It's family time, fun time, do stuff the girls like time. We were way for twelve days this visit and we got lucky. Because while the weather reportedly sucked at times down south I was getting sunburnt in Aberdeen. I kid you not.

Rather than give you a full run down of all that we did I shall give you a brief photo heavy highlights of the silly stuff we got up to.

Roman ruins at Vindolanda,
with a sushi bento box lunch of course.
Playing chicken with the waves.
Hanging out with their favourite Scottish-Canadian uncle,
at his future home (once extensive renovations are complete)
and learning to drive his wee tractor.
Skating time with Uncle Andrew.
Playground time with him too. (He's the biggest kid of all!)
Enjoying our first dosa - so very, very good.
And a sushi feast prepared by Em and Andrew.
As always, time at Tynemouth Market.
Fish & Chips down on the quay,
followed by sword fighting with those little wooden chip forks.
And a visit with Helen and Archie, always enjoyable.
Yes, Emily is in Archie's cage.
The bubble ninja.
I blew the bubbles.
Emily burst them.
Helen took the photos.
Team work at its finest.

School starts tomorrow. Summer is over, but it has left a lifetime of good memories with us. 



  1. Great photos! Looks like a wonderful vacation! You certainly have had a busy summer. Lots of good memories. Can't believe how your girls are growing up since I first read your blog.

  2. Thanks for such a delightful post. Your girls continue to amaze and amuse me. If they are half as wonderful as you portray them on this blog then they are just about perfect. You are one lucky mum and I suspect they are two very lucky girls to have such a great family. Oh and theat photo of the fish and chips has my mouth watering!

  3. It looks wonderful. It must be so nice to ave children that are still at the happy stage and actually like each other!

  4. It was lovely to see you all on Monday and hear about your adventure-filled summer!

    P.S. Archie got a good progress report from the vet this morning and can come out of the cage and potter around downstairs! I just need my brother to come and fit a stair gate and I can release him ;o)

  5. Fun times; now roll on the quiet times!

  6. Looks fabulous! So glad to hear you had a great summer :-)

  7. Perfect times...enjoy your freedom once they're in school!

  8. Looking at your holiday snaps I think you’re creating wonderful memories for your girls . They’ll remember their family holiday adventures for years to come and try to give their kids the same sort of fabulous family holidays when they’re older.

    And holy moly! You managed to pack a TON of stuff into 12 days!

  9. Your girls are growing up so fast! I bet they are taller than you now too! A lovely summer of memories! Jxo

  10. Wow, you had two fabulous holidays this summer!

  11. Looks like a fun summer was had by all!

  12. Absolutely to be cherished! What great adventures! Your daughters are lovely (beautiful eyes!).

  13. What a lovely trip, I am glad you had a nice time.

  14. lovely photos! maybe next years trip north will have an extra stop?!

  15. It looks like a wonderful time! I am jealous of a summer holiday where you get to ware hoodies! I love that kind of weather.

  16. That Scottish-Canadian uncle looks a bit dodgy - I'd stay out his way!

    Big Bro

  17. Great photos, Susan! Looks like you all had a fabulous time!!

  18. Nicky took the word out of my mouth. Brilliant it is! Looks like a lovely time

  19. Looks like a fabulous trip. I went to Helen's home town last week too. But no time for a visit as we were literally passing through on a very long tour.

  20. Gosh, you were hardly home for the summer. Sunburned in Aberdeen?! This must be a first! No, I joke. My parents visited Scotland in September in 1997. My Dad spoke in amazement of travelling to the Isle of Skye, having a picnic lunch and it being so warm he had to take his jumper off and just have his t shirt on.


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